"Characters: Deliverers" Enrollment Form
Wednesdays at 7PM

Hey hey hey!!!! New Heart Virtual Bible Study is back! We're continuing the series called "Characters".  For this group study, we will focus on the "Deliverers" in the Bible. 

Our second quick 6-week study starting WEDNESDAY, November 3rd@7:00 PM will cover the following major characters:
  • Moses: The Reluctant Deliverer.
  • Joshua: The Conquering Deliverer.
  • Deborah: The Unlikely Deliverer.
  • Samson: The Flawed Deliverer.
  • Ruth: The Redeemed Deliverer.
  • Esther: The Brave Deliverer.

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The book can be purchased here: https://tinyurl.com/2fpcsaes

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